Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every good story has a happy ending.... we must not be at the end of ours yet.

If our bus saga was a movie we would be at the sad fake ending where everyone loses hope and thinks all is lost, the part where the hero seems as if he is out of the race... then BAM he recovers and saves the day!!  The bus would be superman and the engine on fire would be kryptonite?  Okay well that analogy doesn't work and frankly makes no sense, so here is the story.  Our lovely Canadian friend, Jill, left us Saturday morning to embark upon what she thought would be a relaxing adventure (first mistake there is no such thing as a "relaxing" adventure).  She hopped aboard the Amtrak where she met an intriguing baggage handler and departed for Oregon.  From there she hitched a ride to Medford, OR ( I would just like to take a moment and comment on how many hitchhikers there are in OR, I mean when I was there I saw at least one brave and EXTREMELY trusting hitchhiker for every mile of highway) (another quick note she didnt actually hitchhike, she knew the person, my aside was just a random bit of information, now with my apologies back to the story at hand).  She was able to pick up the bus yesterday and spent a comfortable evening sleeping on the bus, probably not in one of the kennels, she is a very adventurous woman, but Im pretty sure she wouldnt sleep in a kennel, I hope?  After a good nights rest she put on her bus drivers hat and headed on back to Puyallup, WA.   At around 11am this morning we got an exciting call from our brave little trucker... here is my reenactment... ahem...  FLAMES, FLAMES, FLAMES, THERE ARE FLAMES COMING FROM THE BUS, FIRE!!! what Jill I cant understand you..... FIRE, FLAMES, BUS ON FIRE! This reenactment is BASED on actual events:)  Luckily Jill was at the right place at the right time as a wonderful man who just happened to be a volunteer fireman was passing by our damsel in distress and helped save the day! The firemen were able to put out the fire, the police helped tow our bus to a wrecking yard and Jill saved the contents of the bus!! YAY!!!!  There was some bad news however, (cue the violins) our precious bus was unable to be saved, he was declared dead at the scene! NOOOOOO!!! This was truly devastating after so much work and effort to save that guy, come on!!! We would just like to say thank you everyone for your support and help, but don't count us out for we are not at the end of our story just yet:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sparky needs a home!!!

Look into those big browns eyes, ok now listen carefully, your eyelids are getting heavy, you will adopt this wonderful dog...... ah who needs hypnosis when you got the cutest face like our dear sparky here! He is probably the only dog that would sit and hold still for a photo!  He was an owner surrender from Puyallup, WA and isnt used to living in a kennel.  He is about 78 pounds and most likely a lab/mastiff/pit mix.  He is a wonderful dog and needs to find a home!!! PLEASE come and see this guy, he has the Sunny Sky's seal of approval!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everyone had a good bath:)

You're going to find a good home, but first you need a bath!

All of our dogs arrived safe and smelly yesterday, finally!!!! With the help of our dedicated volunteers (a thousand thank yous!!) we worked all day Tuesday bathing dirty dogs! Maybe next time we should just call Mike Rowe for this dirty job! They are all now comfy and resting for their big day! You think you have seen adorable before, ha, you aint seen nothin! These dogs have been stretching their cute muscles and are ready! So come on down to see the dogs 1pm-5pm today, thursday or friday! But you better come fast, these cute faces won't be here long:)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another day.... another 1,000 mile journey on a bus full of dogs!

Just another day at Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue.... wait a second its liberation day!  Well technically tomorrow is liberation day for about 70 dogs in L.A. So pack your umbrellas and rain boots because you are headed up north to find your forever home!  Team rescue dogs from the streets of  L.A. and bring them up to a rainy wonderland (the name is a work in progress) is underway!  Our team of brave souls left the parking this afternoon at 2pm with only each other and a box of frosted cherry pop tarts.  According to the schedule, they should find themselves sleep deprived on the doorsteps of East Valley Shelter at noon Sunday, then from there they head up to another shelter and press on with a herd of barking dogs where they will meet an army of young and willing volunteers.  So here's to our Rescue Bus and our team volunteers, in the words of Bette Midler "did you ever know that you're my hero."

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dodger finally got a home last weekend, thanks to one of our wonderful volunteers.

 Last weekend one of  our amazingly dedicated volunteers and pit bull lover, took our favorite pit bull to a pit bull adoption event and let him show his stuff!  I mean look at that guy, he can sure work a crowd, he even got his picture published in Seattle PI.  We hope Dodger is loving his new home!!! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mamma Bear's Day Out

Mamma Bear hit the town today and boy did she love it!!! She made herself right at home during the car ride and even took a turn as the look out.  She met two larger dogs for the first time and she LOVED them, she showed them small dogs can hang with the big dogs, running circles around them and telling them who is boss. She loved playing and following them around even proving that she is admittedly more well behaved than my own dogs.  She, unlike certain animals who will rename nameless, came when called and LISTENED! She even showed she was potty trained. So she is a sweet, house broken, big dog loving, spunky chihuahua and ISN'T adopted?! Why wouldnt somebody want this amazing dog!!  She will be back at Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue after her slumber party and I suggest you come and see this phenomenon before its too late!!